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Drop the deregulation – there is a fairer option

Media Release
Robert Simms 27 Apr 2016

Australian Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Robert Simms has urged the government to drop its plan to deregulate university fees, which would burden students with massive debts when they graduate.

"The Greens are proposing a reduction in student debt by lowering HELP fees by 20 per cent, which would be paid for by maintaining the deficit levy. There is a fairer alternative that delivers top-class university education to young Australians, paid for by the people who can best afford it," Senator Robert Simms said.

"With the Coalition committed to deregulation, graduates would be leaving university with HELP debts the size of a housing deposit - or more. The Greens plan would reduce student fees and make higher education more accessible and affordable.

"Students shouldn't be seen as cash cows. Investment in higher education is in the public good."


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