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Dredging halt a win for Gladstone Harbour

Media Release
Larissa Waters 2 Oct 2011

The decision to halt one of the dredging operations in Gladstone Harbour follows the call by Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters and local fishers to suspend dredging in the World Heritage listed area in the wake of the unfolding environmental crisis.

“The temporary suspension of the Al Mahaar dredge is a win for Gladstone communities and the Harbour’s struggling marine environment,” Senator Waters said today.

“But what’s needed is a suspension on all dredging in the Harbour until comprehensive testing reveals what’s causing this environmental disaster.

“The now-leaking new bund wall is worsening high turbidity in Gladstone Harbour, and we know that red spot in fish is linked to poor water quality and high levels of sediment.

“Why should dredging be allowed to continue when the entire fishing industry of Gladstone is left in limbo? Dredging operations simply must be stopped until authorities get to the bottom of this.

“I urge Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke and Queensland Environment Minister Vicky Darling to suspend all Gladstone dredging operations immediately and investigate their real impact on the marine environment in Gladstone Harbour as a matter of urgency.”

Media contact: Elissa McKay 0419 626 725

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