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Don't pass the buck Mr Baillieu, get moving on pokies reform with $1 bet limits: Greens

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 6 Feb 2012

The Greens said today that the Baillieu  Government  is using hollow excuses for inaction on pokies and if they are serious about pokies reform they would embrace the Greens' $1 bets proposal.

“The Baillieu government's broken promise takes the cake in a long line of broken election commitments - it is just a hollow excuse for inaction on pokies reform,” said Colleen Hartland, Victorian Greens spokesperson for Gambling.

“Our communities are hurting from the affects of problem gambling with $2.6 billion annually coming out of Victorians pockets and going into pokies machines. The Baillieu government has failed Victorians by breaking this commitment,” said Ms Hartland.

Australian Greens’ spokesperson on gambling, Senator Richard Di Natale, said that if either the Victorian or Federal Governments were serious about helping problem gamblers they would stop passing the buck.

“The Baillieu Government is blaming the Gillard Government and the Gillard Government is blaming the crossbenches. Everyone is guilty of passing the buck for their own inaction. If either Government was serious about pokies reform they would embrace the Greens’ $1 bet limit policy immediately,” said Senator Di Natale.
“Limiting bets to $1 would be the cheapest, simplest and most effective option, and it can be implemented immediately without any trial or delay. Victoria has already reduced the maximum bet from $10 to $5, it would not be difficult to follow the advice of the Productivity Commission and reduce it further to $1.”

Media Contacts
Colleen Hartland MLC: 0417 445 845
Senator Richard Di Natale: Andrew Blyberg - 0457 901 600

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