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Domestic violence and MYEFO

Media Release
Larissa Waters 15 Dec 2015

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson for women, comments on domestic violence and the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook.

"The Liberal Government has failed to provide any new funding for services or prevention to solve our domestic violence crisis.

"What's worse, the Outlook locks in Tony Abbott's $44 million cut to crisis shelters and his $12 million cut to community legal centres to take effect in 2017.

"On top of this, the Outlook reveals that the funding for Indigenous women in the Women's Safety Package is not new money, rather it has been taken from the already depleted Indigenous Advancement Strategy.

"We still have domestic violence survivors being turned away from legal centres and shelters. Without new funding this is not going to change because the demand is so tragically high.

"We can end our nation's domestic violence epidemic by properly funding crisis lines, legal centres, emergency accommodation, affordable long term accommodation and prevention," Senator Waters said. 


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