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Debate of All Leaders Needed

Media Release
Bob Brown 5 Sep 1998

Greens, Democrats, Harradine and Hanson should also be in Debate

With a week to go to the first scheduled "leaders" debate, Greens Senator Bob Brown has called for a real leaders debate between leaders of all political parties as an adjunct to the Howard-Beazley affair.

"The debate would give voters what they really want not just the ALP-Coalition duopoly being foisted on them," said Senator Brown said in Hobart today.

"Such a debate would liven up an otherwise deadly dull campaign.

"An increasing proportion of the electorate is looking outside the major parties. Having only a Howard Beazley debates denies the will of the people.

"It"s important that key players battling for Senate influence are put under the spotlight. For example, Senator Harradine should face scrutiny across a range of issues on which his vote in the Senate may be pivotal.

"Likewise we should be able to question Pauline Hanson on issues such as abortion and the environment. She has been conspicuously silent on environmental issues but One Nation literature suggests she supports logging on Fraser Island and in national parks.

"The Greens would be willing to participate in such a debate anywhere, anytime," concluded Senator Brown.

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