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Cycling in Nation Building Projects

Estimates & Committees
Scott Ludlam 15 Oct 2013

Budget Estimates 29 May 2013 - Nation Building - Infrastructure Investment 

Senator Ludlam asked:

Senator LUDLAM: One of the things that the draft strategy recommended was to separate pedestrians and bicycles from vehicles, particularly in high-speed and high-volume traffic. Mr Mrdak, we have sparred a couple of times about the fact that you cannot get Commonwealth funding for a bike lane unless you order a freeway. We have had differences of opinion over the merits of that. But sticking to the projects where freeways have been funded, cycling infrastructure has been laid in alongside. Are you able to provide us with some data for the projects that you have funded? There are 15 nation-building projects that include funding for cycling infrastructure and 13 of them are cycleways along highways and freeways. Could you confirm, of those 13, how many comply with the strategy's recommendation to completely separate cyclists from high-speed or high-volume motorised traffic?

Mr Mrdak: I would have to take that on notice. I am happy to do that.

Senator LUDLAM: Yes, if you could. What I am specifically wanting to know is: how many of them are like a painted dotted line by the side of the road and for how many are the cyclists completely separated from the motorised traffic?

Mr Mrdak: I will get you details of that.

Senator LUDLAM: If you could. Just break them down by those projects.


There are 36 Nation Building projects with on-road lanes or separated cycle paths. The table below lists the projects with separated or segregated cycle paths. Projects with separated or segregated paths
New Perth-Bunbury Highway (WA) - also has an on-road cycle lane
Great Eastern and Roe Highway interchange (WA)
Great Northern Highway, Port Hedland Improvements project (WA)
Gateway WA (WA) - also has an on-road cycle lane
Northern Expressway (SA)
Ipswich Motorway - Dinmore to Goodna (Qld)
Gateway Motorway North (Qld)
Pacific Motorway - South to Daisy Hill (Qld)
Banora Point deviation on the Pacific Highway (NSW)
Great Western Highway, Woodford to Hazelbrook (NSW)
Great Western Highway, Wentworth Falls East (NSW)
Edwin Land Parkway (NSW) - also has an on-road cycle lane
Geelong Ring Road stage 4A, Anglesea overpass (Vic)
Geelong Ring Road stage 4B, Anglesea Road to Princes Highway (Vic)
Kingston Bypass (Tas)
Brighton Bypass (Tas)

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