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CSIRO must remain independent: Bandt

Greens MP and science spokesperson Adam Bandt says the CSIRO should
not be a member of the logging industry's peak body, Australian Forest
Products Association (AFPA).

Mr Bandt says the CSIRO needs to remain independent and Minister Evans
needs to make that clear to the CSIRO.

The ABC's AM program revealed this morning that the CSIRO had paid
$10,000 to become a member of AFPA and that the AFPA had intervened
strongly in political debate, including lobbying against climate
change legislation.

"Collaboration with industry and business by the CSIRO is a good
thing, but the CSIRO needs to be careful that its independence is not

"The CSIRO should not be a member of an industry peak body or a lobby group."

"The AFPA is a front for the logging industry and is very engaged in
the political debate over climate and forest policy in this country.
The CSIRO should provide independent advice on forestry science, not
join forces with one side of the debate."

"The Greens are big supporters of the CSIRO and its work, but it is of
great concern that the CSIRO management has allowed this to occur. The
next time the Minister issues his regular statement of expectations
for the CSIRO, he needs to make clear this is not on."


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