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CSG fugitive emissions: government must urgently fix shoddy under-counting of pollution

Media Release
Larissa Waters 26 Oct 2016

Responding to a damning new report from the Melbourne Energy Institute showing that the CSG industry has drastically under-estimated dangerous methane pollution from ‘fugitive’ emissions.  Information from Senate Estimates last week shows that the government has not funded crucial further research.  

Senator Larissa Waters, deputy leader of the Australian Greens and resources spokesperson said;

“This landmark report blows an enormous hole in the coal seam gas industry’s claims that fracked gas is good for the climate. 

“The fracking industry is a climate criminal, but both Labor and Liberal governments have simply looked the other way. 

“In the wake of criticism of Australia by the UNFCC, and this explosive report, the government must immediately update their out-of-date ‘emissions factors’ used to calculate CSG’s pollution levels. 

“In Senate Estimates last week, we learned that the government has not funded critical CSIRO research on fugitive emissions from CSG infrastructure like water treatment facilities and gas compressor stations. 

“The only Australia-specific research we have on CSG fugitive emissions has a tiny sample size, and doesn’t cover these crucial stages of production. 

“The government must immediately update their out-of-date ‘emissions factors’ which are based on inaccurate, overseas assumptions. 

“We have job-rich clean energy alternatives which don’t threaten our climate, health, land and water which is why the Greens are calling for a ban on fracking,” Senator Waters said.


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