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Container Deposit Scheme is the most effective way to clean up Tasmania

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 25 Aug 2014

In response to the release of the National Litter Index by Keep Australia Beautiful and comments by Tasmanian Environment Minister Matthew Groom, Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson made the following comments:

"Keep Australia Beautiful is funded by the beverage industry who are opposed to effective recycling initiatives such as a container deposit reward scheme. Their litter index methodology is fundamentally flawed and doesn't accurately represent the litter problem.

"Tasmanian streets and highways, in some cases leading up to Tasmania's tourist icons, are still littered with filthy beverage rubbish - cans and bottles. It is a disgrace.

"I invite Matthew Groom and Keep Australia Beautiful to come out and join me and a group of volunteers picking up discarded beverage containers around Tasmania. After this they may change their minds about the real state of litter in the state. 

"Putting a 10 cent refund on rubbish makes it valuable and we know it works to help clean up our environment.

"When are Groom and the Tasmania Liberals going to release the scoping study for a Tasmanian container deposit reward scheme initiated by the previous Government?

"Tasmania has one of the lowest recycling rates for beverage containers in Australia; I would be interested to see how Matthew Groom proposes to fix this problem without a container deposit scheme.

"We need action on a container deposit scheme now, the only reason this has not happened already is the influence big companies have over our Governments," he concluded.

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