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Coalition's legacy will be the extermination of our native species

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 4 May 2018

The Coalition’s plan to cut the jobs of people working in the Environment Department specifically to protect threatened species can not be allowed to proceed, says Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett and spokesperson for the environment and biodiversity.

"This is a deliberate attempt to clear they way for Turnbull’s mates in the mining and property development industry.

"Community campaigners and conservationists have successfully stopped many destructive projects in the past because they would have decimated threatened species habitat.

"These cuts will mean less monitoring and oversight by our federal government, leaving the job of protecting these species up to independent organisations and volunteers.

"The Coalition already routinely threatens to place legal restrictions on the work of environmental groups,now they’re planning to defund the department charged with projecting and raising awareness of threatened species.

"This is the PM and the Environment Minister are rigging the system for their mates in the mining and development sector, who donate millions to the Coalition.

"If they’re allowed to get away with this, their legacy will be the extermination of our native species".

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