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Coalition's first budget puts you last

Media Release
Penny Wright 14 May 2014

South Australian Greens Senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Penny Wright have slammed the Coalition's first budget, which slugs SA families while letting big business off the hook.

"This is a brutal budget by a cruel Coalition," Senator Wright said.

"Not only has Education Minister Christopher Pyne turned his back on SA school students by ripping the heart out of the Gonski reforms, he wants to make it harder and more expensive to go to university.

"If that wasn't enough, this budget puts us on the path to a US- style two-tier health system where your credit card is more important than your Medicare care card.

"Instead of tackling fossil fuel subsidies or truly ending corporate welfare, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey would rather see people in South Australia bear the brunt of their cuts."

The environment in South Australia is also set to suffer under the Abbott Government's excessively harsh Budget.

"Cutting all Federal funding to the Conservation Council in SA is a purely ideological move and it will be a huge blow to the state," Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"First Tony Abbott came after the Environmental Defenders Office, then the Climate Commission and now it's the Conservation Council that's facing the cut.

"This Budget will hurt South Australian families and the environment in a very serious way."


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