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Coalition stance on Gonski shameful: Greens

Media Release
Penny Wright 26 Jul 2012

The clear admission by Christopher Pyne that a Coalition government would dismantle any legislation to introduce Gonski reforms to education funding is shameful, the Australian Greens have said.

"The Gonski Review has made it clear that there is an urgent need for serious reform of Australian education funding, something long recognised by many commentators across the board," said Greens spokesperson for Schools and Education, Senator Penny Wright.

"The Coalition's proposal to delay any reform for at least two more years and to repeal any Gonski legislation is shameful and would sell many Australian kids seriously short.

"Our public education system takes the lion's share of our most disadvantaged students, including children from low-income families, Indigenous communities and remote locations, and it is critical we properly fund and support it.

"The Gonski Review found that Australia lacks a logical, consistent and transparent approach to funding schooling and the Coalition want to condemn us to more of the same.

"Gonski gives us a clear way forward to achieving a system of fair, needs-based funding for our schools and the Greens are keen to work constructively with the government to bring on these practical and visionary reforms.

"Every Australian child is entitled to a quality education, no matter where they live or what their family circumstances," Senator Wright said.

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