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Coalition and Labor’s Reef report card FAIL

Media Release
Larissa Waters 28 Sep 2016

The Australian and Queensland government’s Reef 2050 plan annual report is a total fail because it ignores the dangerous threat posed by global warming driven by mining and burning of coal and gas. 

Australian Greens Deputy Leader and environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said:

“The Reef Plan report card deserves a total fail for ignoring the impacts of global warming, under-funding water quality measures, and trying to gloss over the failure to reinstate strong land clearing laws.

“It’s dangerously deluded to claim that all’s well when 22% of the Reef’s corals just died because of global warming driven by the burning of coal.

A poll this week showed 65% of Australians want climate action because of concern for the Reef, but instead both the Coalition and Labor are addicted to coal. 

“Every year the federal government gives $6 billion in subsidies to mining companies compared to a mere $200 million per year for the Reef. 

“The old parties both approved the Adani mega-coal mine and the expansion of the Abbot Point coal port which if built would further cook the Reef with carbon pollution.

“Both State and federal governments should finally stand up for the Reef and oppose the reckless Adani coal mine, and rule out any public funding for it or its infrastructure. 

“We also need to see strong land clearing laws restored and the massive shortfall in funding to meet water quality targets rectified – otherwise the Reef as we know it will be gone in our lifetimes,” Senator Waters said.



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