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Coal is history - Liberal and Labor out of step with global efforts and Australian public Inbox

Media Release
Adam Bandt 22 Sep 2021

Overnight, China announced at the UN that they would cease building new coal plants, signalling a further, faster global transition out of coal.

The Greens also seized on new polling showing Australians want to get out of coal and increase our 2030 climate targets.

Both Liberal and Labor have repeatedly said they see coal exports continuing even beyond 2050, and while the government’s 2030 target is being internationally condemned, Labor has no 2030 target at all.

The polling shows a good understanding that any net-zero target is irrelevant without increasing 2030 targets first: opposition to net zero was 13% while just 15% of respondents in the poll opposed lifting our 2030 target.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP:

“We have to quit coal by 2030 to stave off climate collapse, and while the rest of the world and the Australian people understand that, Liberal and Labor say coal can stay past 2050.

“Coal is history but by selling false hope, Liberal and Labor are leaving coal communities exposed.

“While Scott Morrison is desperately trying to hide our climate inaction from Joe Biden with vague statements about 2050, back home, half of Australians want us to quit coal by 2030. 

“People now back the Greens’ position to phase out coal by 2030, but Liberal and Labor are going the other way, pushing for even more coal and gas.

“China’s move is just the latest in a global race to the top on climate action, but it’s another race Liberal and Labor are setting Australia up to lose.

“The deadline for the climate is 2030, because by 2050 it could be too late. But Scott Morrison’s 2030 targets are a death sentence and Labor has no 2030 targets at all. 

“Scott Morrison looks set to announce new 2030 targets ahead of Glasgow, but without any pressure from Labor, these targets are likely to be another chapter in Australian climate recalcitrance. 

“We’re calling on Labor to join the Greens with a science-based 2030 target that will expose any weaker, politically motivated target from Morrison for what it is.

“The Greens’ target of 75% emissions cuts by 2030 is backed by the science and the independent Climate Targets Panel, but the Liberal and Labor targets mean Australia giving up on doing its fair share under the Paris Agreement.” 

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