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Climate wars won't end by surrendering

The Australian Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, has said Labor’s latest offer to embrace carbon capture and storage won’t help tackle the climate emergency, saying you don’t end the climate wars by surrendering.

“You don’t end the climate wars by surrendering,” Greens Leader Adam Bandt said.

“We need a plan to get coal out of the system, not to lock it in.
“The Liberals don’t care about climate change, so holding out for bipartisanship is just a recipe for inaction.”

“An energy plan premised on the unicorn technology of carbon capture and storage is doomed to failure.”

“It’s a red letter day for coal in Australia and a terrible day for the climate. Queensland ports recorded a record export, NSW revealed that their plans were based on the world ignoring the Paris Agreement and now the ALP and Liberals want to keep coal in the system for longer.

“The Liberal, National and Labor parties accept millions of dollars in donations from coal, oil and gas companies. Today’s news demonstrates that fossil fuel interests continue to have too much influence on our politics.

“After repealing the carbon price, it’s clear to anyone paying attention that not having a plan for coal is indeed the Liberals’ plan, and today Labor offered to sign on to it too.” Bandt said.

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