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Caring for Older Australians

A caring community treats its older people with dignity and respect. The Greens are committed to ensuring all older Australians are provided with the support services they need so they can be healthy, happy and safe wherever they choose to live.

The Greens have a broad vision of positive ageing that focuses on the strong, positive contribution that older Australians make to our communities.

We're working in aged care, employment services, health care and research, housing and other areas to help older Australians.

We are committed to delivering affordable, appropriate aged care, including over 65's in the NDIS (DisabilityCare), supporting human rights, and opposing ageism and elder abuse.

The Greens' plan for older Australians is to ensure that older Australians can access the services and support they need in each of the major policy areas.

Our initiatives include:

  • Supporting human rights, and opposing ageism and elder abuse.
  • Ensuring access to an adequate standard of living.
  • Breaking down barriers to employment.
  • Delivering affordable, appropriate aged care regardless of capacity to pay.
  • Emphasising primary care and preventative health.
  • Investing in Dementia research.
  • Including over 65s in NDIS (DisabilityCare).
  • Providing appropriate, affordable housing.

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