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Cancel Adani's approval after criminal conviction: Greens

Media Release
Larissa Waters 6 Feb 2020

The Federal Government must revoke Adani’s coal mine approval after the company was today expected to be criminally convicted of false and misleading documentation about unlawful land clearing, say the Greens.

Senate Leader Larissa Waters said, “Adani has breached its environmental conditions again and can’t be trusted to go ahead with its climate-destroying coal mine.

“The Federal Government must now cancel Adani’s approval and I’ll be lodging a motion in the Senate today calling for just that.

“A criminal conviction is a legal trigger for the Federal Government to review and revoke Adani’s approval.

“If the Government keeps ignoring Adani’s breaches, it’s just one rule for coal donors and another for ordinary Australians.

“Adani will be criminally convicted today, yet it is still in line for public subsidies. But if you miss one Centrelink appointment and you’re screwed. It shows where the Government’s priorities lie - with the coal donors, not the community.”

“People will also be watching on Monday how Labor votes on my motion - they will have to finally pick a side on Adani and show whether they stand with the big polluters or a safe climate,” she said.

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