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Call your Coalition Senator and ask them to keep the CEFC

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Tony Abbott’s clean energy repeal legislation has reached the Senate. We secured an agreement with Labor to consider the different elements of our clean energy laws separately to make it harder for Abbott to abolish initiatives like the Clean Energy Finance Corporation that are already working.

The Assistant Treasurer is on the record saying he’ll take another look at the CEFC. We need Coalition Senators to know exactly why the Clean Energy Finance Corporation is worth saving.

Five quick reasons to save the CEFC:

  • It's working: In just one year the CEFC has already reduced carbon emissions by nearly four million tonnes.
  • It’s in demand: it has invested in 39 projects already, and almost 180 more have approached the CEFC for investment.
  • It’s helping the clean energy sector grow: for every dollar that the CEFC invests in new clean energy projects, the private sector matches with three dollars of their own.
  • It’s making money for the Government: for every tonne of carbon not emitted because of the CEFC, a profit of $2.40 is made for the Australian taxpayer.
  • It will cost us to tear it down: abolishing the CEFC will cost the budget $200 million a year and damage our renewable energy sector just as it is finding its feet.

Please contact the Coalition Senators in your state and tell them why they should vote to keep the CEFC.

If you're unable to see a Senator to call, a full list of Senators is here.

Thank you for standing up for clean energy.

Please share this with your friends when you're done.

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