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Budget Estimates Hearings May 2016 - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Scott Ludlam 15 Sep 2016

Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications - Budget Estimates Hearings May 2016

Communications Portfolio - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Question No: 11 Australian Broadcasting Corporation Hansard

Senator LUDLAM: Thank you, that is useful to know. Maybe I could ask if you could take this on notice: once you have assessed how you are going to make up that shortfall of $10 million a year, if there is anything additional that you want to provide to us on notice I would appreciate it. I actually want to know what you are not going to do, since you are going to have to do that-$10 million just disappears, and that is not nothing. What will cease happening because you need to spend that money?

Mr Pendleton: At this stage there are no plans to cease anything.

Senator LUDLAM: Anything it you can provide us with would be useful.

Answer:The ABC has been successful in negotiating lower rates for the costs of its CDN services. As a result, surplus funds have been applied to the maintenance of CDN services without impacting onother areas of the ABC.

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