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Brown pays tribute to people of Libya

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today paid tribute to the people of Libya who have brought an end to Muammar Gaddafi's cruel dictatorship.

"Brave Libyans died standing up for the rights that we in Australia take for granted," Senator Brown said in Canberra.

"Libya now needs to heal as a nation, and Australia should extend a helping hand as it begins to craft its own democracy. Australian aid can help Libya to address human rights concerns, including violence against women, and provide skills to assist the process of reconciliation and reconstruction," Senator Brown said.

"As the European Green foreign policy spokesperson Franziska Brantner said today, the new Libyan authorities need to show they are serious about the rule of law and human rights, and ensure that Gaddafi loyalists are judged in fair and transparent trials, in cooperation with the International Criminal Court if necessary, and that the human rights of citizens belonging to minorities are guaranteed."


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