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Bring on a marriage equality vote in the parliament: Greens

Media Release
Robert Simms 30 May 2016

The Australian Greens are calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to grant LNP members a free parliamentary vote on marriage equality if he is returned to government, rather than conducting a costly and divisive plebiscite.

"Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's comments today would give some Australians the inkling that we could have marriage equality realised by the end of the year - but we can do it without spending $160 million and sending people straight back to the polls after a marathon election campaign," Greens marriage equality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms said.

"This debate has dragged on long enough, and it seems Mr Turnbull won't be satisfied until LGBTI people are dragged through the mud by the harmful hate campaigns against this community a plebiscite would drum up.

"It's not too late for him to dump the pointless and costly plebiscite. No more excuses, delays and hiding behind stale old policies - Australians want marriage equality and they want to see this matter dealt with by the parliament, regardless of who is in the lodge."


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