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Bring Australian soldiers home safely from Afghanistan

Greens Leader Bob Brown today joined all Australians in wishing the injured soldiers a speedy recovery and urged the Gillard government to bring Australian troops home safely from Afghanistan.

"Unlike the Government or the Opposition, the Greens continue to call for Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan to be brought home safely as soon as possible. A debate will be held in both houses of parliament on 21 November and we will be strongly putting that point of view," Senator Brown said.

"The Greens propose increased civil aid for Afghanistan to help the people determine their own future," Senator Brown said.

Some 32 Australian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001 - 11 of those this year - and 212 Australian soldiers have now been physically wounded. Many will suffer long-term mental health issues that require support from their family, friends and communities.

"We should give our courageous defence force personnel a date to work towards, a specified withdrawal date, at the very least," Senator Brown said.

"The toll is not only rising but accelerating. And to what end? What will be different in 2014 or 2020 and how does a corrupt regime like the Karzai government maintain the faith of an increasingly armed and enlarged Afghan army?"



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