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Bridget McKenzie must appear before sports rorts senate inquiry, say Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 30 Apr 2020

Greens Senators Janet Rice and Larissa Waters have called for Bridget McKenzie to appear before the sports rorts senate committee following unanswered questions in the Senator’s submission to the inquiry late yesterday.

The Prime Minister should bring to a vote the Greens’ National Integrity Commission Bill when parliament resumes in May to ensure fair allocation of future funding.

Quotes attributable to Senator Janet Rice, Greens spokesperson for Sport

“Senator McKenzie’s submission raises more questions than it answers. 

“Senator McKenzie’s defense seems to be that the ANAO report is based on an email from an advisor in her office, one that she claims to have never seen. 

“If Senator McKenzie wants to hang her case on this email, she must authorise its release to the senate inquiry. 

“Senator McKenzie’s claim that the colour-coding of the spreadsheet was to ensure a geographical spread in funding is laughable. If that’s the case, she needs to explain exactly how the colours matched geographic regions rather than political leanings. 

“Though we’ve seen an avalanche of evidence revealing the direct involvement of the Prime Minister’s office, Senator McKenzie’s submission omits an explanation of the Prime Minister’s involvement. 

Quotes attributable to Senator Larissa Waters, Greens Senate Leader and spokesperson on democracy:

"The constant blame shifting in this scandal does nothing to address underlying integrity issues with the Morrison government.

"As plans are made for allocating funds for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, it's critical public confidence is restored in how recipients are chosen.

"The process must be fair and transparent, and Ministers should be held accountable for decisions.

"This is why an independent federal corruption watchdog, with real power, is vital.

"The Prime Minister should bring on the vote for my National Integrity Commission Bill when parliament resumes in May".

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