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Breaking the CPRS deadlock

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Bob Brown 21 Jan 2010

The Greens have moved to break the political deadlock on climate action, writing to all the key politicians proposing that we adopt Professor Garnaut's suggestion of a two year interim scheme with a fixed price, no trading and no offsets.

Our proposal is designed as a building block for future climate action that's got real teeth. Mr Rudd's CPRS is impossible to strengthen after it's passed, locking in failure before we begin.

Our proposal gives half its revenue back to you - Australia's householders - and is still in the black. Mr Rudd's CPRS pays polluters to keep polluting and ends up deep in debt.

Mr Rudd is making no attempt to get his CPRS through the Senate. We Greens are putting forward a constructive proposal to get Australia moving towards the zero carbon future.

You can read the detail of the proposal here, read the explanation in the press release here and listen to the press conference here.

The Greens and emissions trading - your questions answered here.

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If we are to have any chance of bringing the government to the table to negotiate with the Greens, we need your help to lift the level of public pressure on the government.
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     • Write to your local MP, asking them to lobby the PM or Opposition Leader for support here.
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