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Bob Brown to induct John Williamson into ARIA Hall of Fame

Media Release
Bob Brown 27 Oct 2010

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said he was honoured to be inducting Australian singer John Williamson into the ARIA Hall of Fame tonight.

Senator Brown said John Williamson was a True Blue environmentalist.

"John put his career on the line for Australia's wild and scenic natural heritage including its stunning forests," said Senator Brown.

"How fabulous that Rip Rip Woodchip, the song that was banned from some places, is now in the ABC's song book for schools.

"In Tasmania under an emerging agreement magnificent forests are about to be protected.

"The love of Australia is embedded in every cell of John Williamson's being. He makes us all feel good to be alive under the Southern Cross.

"I congratulate and thank him on behalf of a very grateful Australia."

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