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Better work protection, not dog whistling, needed for 457s

Media Release
Christine Milne 6 Mar 2013

"The Prime Minister should cease her offensive rhetoric on the issue of 457 visas" Australia Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said

"It's clear that ugly language is being used that is not going to help protect local jobs - instead it is just likely to whip up fear in the community.

"If the Prime Minister was serious about protecting local jobs and not just dog whistling, she would bring back proper labour market testing and get behind the Greens legislation to advertise jobs locally first.

"Meanwhile, asylum seekers and refugees are living below the poverty line in the community and are denied the right to work. They should be allowed to work, earn a living and contribute to our society.

"If there is a genuine skills shortage in the first place we should be looking at the 10,000 asylum seekers and refugees who are on bridging visas who are ready and willing to work.

"Genuine protection for local jobs, proper education and training regimes from employers are essential but that's not being proposed by either side.  It's time the dog whistling from the Prime Minister and Tony Abbott stopped.

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