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Behrouz Boochani

Comments from Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator Nick McKim on New Zealand's decision to grant asylum to Behrouz Boochani:

"New Zealand granting asylum to Behrouz Boochani shows what true compassion from a government looks like, and shows Australia’s polices up for the cruel and dangerous disgrace that they are."

"This is bittersweet news. Behrouz is free at last but so many others remain in exile or in prison. We have stolen their hope and their dreams, and it’s time to give them back."

"The strength of Behrouz’s resistance never wavered, and his humanity and integrity triumphed every time over the brutality he endured at Australia’s hands."

"Today is his vindication."

"While we celebrate his freedom, we recommit to fighting for those remaining in exile, and those imprisoned in Australia."

"New Zealand has welcomed Behrouz, and stands ready to welcome hundreds more. Surely now is the time."

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