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Basin Plan will lead to river devastation

The Australian Greens will be moving to improve the inadequate Plan that was revealed by Tony Burke today.

 “This is a Plan for big irrigators and not the environment,” the Greens Murray Darling spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“It is disappointing that the Government has decided to do a deal with the Coalition and upstream irrigators rather than taking the opportunity to work with the Greens and save the river from environmental collapse.

 “This plan will not result in a healthy river; it will kill the river and it is misleading of the Government to pretend otherwise.

“This Plan doesn’t start until 2019, it will lead to a massive increase in groundwater extraction and it won’t satisfy a third of the Authority’s own targets for a healthy river system.

 “This Plan will not keep the mouth of the Murray open to flush out the salt and pollutants, it will devastate the Coorong, ensure the further decline of the magnificent River Redgums and put Adelaide’s drinking water at risk.

 “We will be moving to strengthen the Water Act and disallow the Plan, sending it back to the Minister so it can be fixed.

 “$11 billion of taxpayer money will be wasted because the Plan in no way guarantees that the 3200GL will be returned to the environment by 2024.

 “The government has chosen to continue with business as usual and, in doing so, has failed to take this opportunity to deliver a Basin Plan that would save the river".

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