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Bandt: PM's technology target nothing more than a smokescreen

Media Release
Adam Bandt 18 Feb 2020

The Prime Minister's leaked plan to adopt a so-called "technology target" instead of committing to Australia reaching net zero emissions by 2050 is nothing more than a smokescreen, said Leader of The Australian Greens Adam Bandt, MP.

"We're in a climate emergency and yet instead of coming up with a plan to phase out coal like Germany has done, Scott Morrison is throwing up a technology smokescreen," Mr Bandt said.

"Yes we need a plan to bring in new renewables, but if we don't also have a plan to phase out coal in an orderly manner, we will not get the climate crisis under control."

"People understand that the fires we've just seen over summer are coal fuelled. People understand that the record drought we are living through is fuelled by fossil fuels. Without a plan to phase out coal, all the technology in the world won't stop runaway global warming."

"Instead of a technology smokescreen, we need a Green New Deal to work with affected communities and workers to phase out coal, create new industries and look after the workers in those communities who are affected."

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