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Australian Greens Secure Cross-Party Support to Save NT Container Scheme.

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 13 Mar 2013

The Australian Greens motion calling on governments across the country to come together to provide a way forward to break Cokes legal block of the Northern Territory cash for containers scheme was passed unopposed in the Australian Senate  today.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated it was essential the legal loop-hole Coke relied upon in its recent legal challenge was closed.

“What we’ve seen today is all Senators send a clear message to Coke that our politicians are with the people.

“A solution is now required that will create business certainty for those involved in the NT scheme while also providing for its continuing operation.

“Cash for container schemes are the most efficient and popular method of tackling the issue of beverage packaging waste consumed outside of the home.

“The South Australian scheme has a recycling rate of around 80%, with many of the businesses operating under it also involved in the new NT scheme.

“All governments and all political parties across Australia will need to stand up to the “ Dirty 3 –Coke, Lion and Schweppes” and continue to work collaboratively to

  Implement a national cash for containers scheme”.

“Coke’s ideological opposition to taking responsibility for their waste is well documented, with the company deploying considerable resources in an attempt to frustrate the wishes of the people of the NT. 

   “The Greens will continue taking action to help those businesses, workers and communities that rely on this NT recycling scheme’

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