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Bandt announces new portfolios, elevates dental health

Media Release
Adam Bandt 27 Feb 2020

Leader of The Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has announced new portfolio allocations, including the creation of a new portfolio of Dental Health, which will focus on the Greens' long-held goal of ensuring that all Australians have fully funded dental care provided through Medicare.

"I'm excited to announce our new portfolio allocations, especially the creation of a Dental Health portfolio, which will be held by Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young," Bandt said.

"Getting dental into Medicare is unfinished business for the Greens. In the 2010 power-sharing Parliament we secured Medicare dental for 3.4 million children and now we want it for everyone else too.

“The Green New Deal is about universal services and high on the list is affordable dental care for everyone.”

"Too many people put off going to the dentist because it is too expensive. This doesn't just lead to dental problems getting worse, it can lead to other health problems too, which is bad for people's health and bad for the federal budget."

"Having good teeth is also a social justice issue, as bad teeth can make it harder to get a job.”

"It's a national disgrace that many Australians can't afford dental care and I know that Sarah will put all her energy into getting dental into Medicare.

"Sarah is a great campaigner who will help make sure that every Australian knows the Greens have a plan to get dental into Medicare."

The new Dental Health portfolio comes in addition to Sarah Hanson-Young’s existing roles, including Environment & Water. The full list of portfolio allocations can be found at this link

MP Portfolios
Adam Bandt
Australian Greens Leader
Member for Melbourne
Climate Emergency
Employment & Workplace Relations
Public Sector
Foreign Affairs
Larissa Waters
Leader in the Senate &
Co-Deputy Leader

Senator for Queensland
Mining & Resources
Representing Leader on Climate Change & Energy in Senate
Representing Leader on Foreign Affairs in Senate
Nick McKim
Co-Deputy Leader
Senator for Tasmania
Digital Rights, I.T. & NBN
Immigration & Citizenship
Rachel Siewert
Party Whip
Senator for West Australia
First Nations Peoples’ Issues
Family, Ageing & Community Services
Mental Health
Janet Rice
Party Room Chair
Senator for Victoria
Agriculture & Rural Affairs
Sustainable Cities
Transport & Infrastructure
Science, Research & Innovation
Richard Di Natale
Senator for Victoria
Mehreen Faruqi
Senator for New South Wales
Animal Welfare
International Aid & Development
Local Government
Representing Leader on Employment, Workplace Relations & Public Sector in Senate 
Jordon Steele-John
Senator for West Australia
Disability Rights & Services
Peace & Nuclear Disarmament (covers Defence)
Veterans’ Affairs
Sarah Hanson-Young
Senator for South Australia
Dental Health
Arts, Media & Communications
Environment & Water
Peter Whish-Wilson
Senator for Tasmania
Treasury & Finance
Healthy Oceans
Waste & Recycling
Consumer Affairs
Small Business
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