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Australian Greens Condemn Premier and Ex Premier's Sad Attempt at Historical Revisionism on Pulp Mill

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 22 Feb 2013


The Australian greens have dismissed failed former Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon’s attempts to breathe life back into Gunns Ltd’s pulp mill proposal.

 Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, a long time opponent of the proposal, stated Mr Lennon’s comments yesterday was nothing more than a feeble attempt at historical revisionism.

“The mill proposal was purportedly born at a breakfast with a hangover, which has now unfortunately spread across the entire state.

 “Imagine how many more investors, workers and small businesses would have been out of pocket today if Gunns Ltd had borrowed another $2b and actually started construction of this pulp mill?

 “Mr Lennon can attempt to re-write history all he wants, but this mega-project has been proven a dud because investors don't believe the business case stacks up.

 “His portrait should serve as a continuing reminder to all those MP’s who rushed the mill’s enabling legislation through the parliament at his and John Gay’s behest that they were conned.

“It’s no coincidence Mr Lennon is talking up the proposal a day after Premier Giddings dropped the pulp mill bomb at the end of her National Press Club address yesterday.

“While flattering that Ms Giddings spent the majority of her time talking up the clean green and clever economy requisite to future proof this state, she then fell back into the old Labor dogma that a project of this size will somehow underwrite our state’s future economy.

 “The Greens are taking seriously current attempts to sell the pulp mill permits to investors, and will oppose any attempt to revive the Gunns Ltd pulp mill proposal.”



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