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Australian and Chinese major banks rule out Adani as bad investment

Media Release
Andrew Bartlett 4 Dec 2017

Australian and Chinese major banks have ruled out Adani as bad investment

Every major bank in Australia has ruled out funding for Adani and now two of China’s major banks have followed, says Andrew Bartlett, Greens Senator for Queensland.

“The banking sector knows this mine is a bad investment and will be an environmental catastrophe."

“They know Australians want investment in renewable energy, not the dying fossil fuel industry that tries to get its way by giving millions in payments to Labor and the Coalition and employing their former MPs as lobbyists."

“Australians are sick of the stranglehold donations have on politics."

“That is why they’re rejecting the major parties in record numbers at election after election."

“Millions in donations won’t save Labor and the Coalition. Voters know these parties no longer represent them, they just do the bidding of their donors instead."

“It is time for a new style of politics that puts people back at the heart of decision making and works for a future for all of us."

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