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Australia should push for global ban on wildlife trade

Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has re-iterated the Greens call for the Australian Government to push for a global ban on the trade of wildlife, after the Agriculture Minister’s comments today on wildlife wet markets.

Senator Hanson-Young said:

“The Agriculture Minister and the PM can wax lyrical about an investigation into wildlife wet markets all they like, but if wildlife continue to be traded for consumption and other purposes, a health risk will remain. 

“The science is well established on the link between wildlife consumption and the transfer of zoonotic diseases to humans.

“When wildlife is traded, it brings animals in contact with humans and other species in horrendous conditions leading to the spread of disease.

“The Australian Government has an opportunity to really lead on this issue and help end the cruelty and reduce the risk of another pandemic like coronavirus in the future.

“Right now it seems they’re not really serious about leading a global effort to reduce the risks for disease to emerge and spread.

“Just last week the major parties voted against my Senate motion calling on the government to advocate for a global ban. They should both explain why they wouldn’t support it and why they won’t back the hundreds of organisations and millions of people across the world pleading for a global ban on wildlife trade.”

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