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Australia must act on Japan’s plan to slaughter whales this summer

The Australian Greens are calling on urgent action from the Morrison Government to stop Japan’s intention to slaughter whales in the Southern Ocean under the fig leaf of scientific research. 


“The Morrison Government has told the Australian people they are committed to stopping whaling. Meanwhile, Japan has confirmed plans to kill hundreds of minke whales in our southern waters this summer and Australia needs a clear plan to stop it,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. 


“The international community is celebrating the thumping win over Japan and their pro-whaling supporters after the International Whaling Commission voted down the proposal to overturn a 32-year ban on commercial whaling. A strong message has been sent that whaling is not acceptable.


“The world is expecting Australia to challenge Japan’s plan to slaughter whales in the Southern Ocean this summer. We must prepare to send a vessel to our southern waters and investigate our legal options. In 2018 and beyond, no whales should die from barbaric harpooning. 


“Japan has exposed its whaling for “scientific purposes” as nothing but a fig leaf and Australia has a responsibility to hold them to account.” 

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