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Asset sales deeply unpopular: new poll

Media Release
Janet Rice 10 Feb 2015

Asset sales deeply unpopular: new poll

The Greens have warned backers of privatisation to take note of the latest Essential polling showing that asset sell-offs are deeply unpopular with the Australian people.

“People can see through the spin, with popular agreement that selling off public assets will push up prices for the benefit of big business,” said the Greens spokesperson for transport and infrastructure Senator Janet Rice.

“Australians don’t think privatisation helps their household budget, they don’t think it improves services and they don’t think it helps the economy.

“This message came through loud and clear at the Queensland election.

“The Coalition and Premier Mike Baird should take this as a warning in the lead up to the NSW election.

“Tony Abbott says he wants to be the infrastructure prime minister but he has no real solutions for funding infrastructure beyond luring state governments to privatise public assets.

“We could start by abolishing tax breaks and subsidies for the big end of town instead of asset sell-offs, and investing in world-class public transport across Australia,” suggested Senator Rice.

A Senate inquiry into the privatisation of state and territory assets and new infrastructure is currently underway and is due to report on 20 March 2015.



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