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Assange must be given safe passage home

Media Release
Adam Bandt 6 Jan 2021

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says there is no excuse for the Morrison government to do anything other than provide an Australian citizen safe passage home, with assurances that he can live and work here freely.

“It’s time for Scott Morrison to fight for an Australian citizen whose work exposing war crimes has subjected him to an extraordinary campaign of persecution from the United States,” Bandt said.

“Australia’s meek pandering to the Pentagon on the rights of one of our citizens reflects poorly on our sovereignty and diplomatic independence.

“The charges the US has laid are anathema to a free press and free society and Australia should give Assange safe passage home and rule out extraditing him to become a political prisoner.

“All Australians should know that when foreign governments act against their liberty for political reasons, their homeland will have their back. It’s time Morrison showed the gumption to say no,” Bandt said.

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