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Arctic ice vanishing

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Christine Milne 17 Jun 2012

You wouldn't read about it right now, but global warming is still accelerating because governments and big businesses are still standing in the way of people's demands to cut the pollution that drives global warming.

America's National Snow & Ice Data Center has just released data showing Arctic sea ice vanishing to incredibly low levels for this early in the year - lower even than this point in 2007, the year Arctic sea ice melted to its lowest point on record. And this May, globally, was the 327th consecutive month where global average temperatures have been above the 20th century average (NOAA).

The Clean Energy Act is a critical first step in building a clean energy economy which will start to tackle the causes of global warming. It is designed, thanks to the Greens, to cut pollution by 80%, with opportunities every year to increase our ambition and cut pollution faster.

Doing what we can to stop accelerating global warming - that's why July 1 brings change for the better. 

For more on the Arctic sea ice, read Mother Jones' news coverage and regular updates from the National Snow & Ice Data Center.

To find out more about the Clean Energy Act, check out our other updates.

Arctic Sea Ice time series
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