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Appointing eminent mates could downgrade Australian Human Rights Commission’s Status

Media Release
Lidia Thorpe 8 Apr 2022

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s status as a National Human Rights Institution is under threat because of the Morrison Government’s meddling with how it appoints Commissioners.

Lines attributable to Senator Lidia Thorpe, The Greens spokesperson for Justice

“Human rights are the tools we use to fight for our basic dignities and freedoms. These tools belong to all of us, but Scott Morrison and Attorney-General Michaelia Cash are deliberately blocking us from asserting our rights and dignities by deliberately meddling with the Australian Human Rights Commission.”

“Scott Morrison and his Attorney-General Michaelia Cash have put our Human Rights Commission in danger of being downgraded to a B level institution. They need to go.”

“Scott Morrison and Michaelia Cash have starved our Commission of funding, appointed their mates to plum jobs and they have utterly and completely failed at ensuring the Commission can lead the full implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. They don’t care about us.”

“The Australian Human Rights Commission ensures that we are treated as equals in our society regardless of who we are or where we come from. That’s why Scott Morrison and Michaelia Cash are so keen to destroy it.”

“The Greens will enact a human rights charter, which also includes environmental rights, to ensure no one is stopped from asserting their rights and dignities. We will also work to ensure that there is a fair, transparent, and accountable process for the appointment of Commissioners, judicial officers and members of tribunals.”

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