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Answers back: 'Roads good for Mental Health'- PM

Rural & Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee
Supplementary Budget Estimates November 2013
Infrastructure and Regional Development

Question no.: 214
Program: n/a
Division/Agency: (PAR) Policy and Research
Topic: Debate: Roads are good for Mental Health
Proof Hansard Page/s: 113 (18/11/2013)

Senator Ludlam asked:

Senator LUDLAM: Senator Sinodinos, are you aware of that particular contribution to the debate: roads are good for mental health?
Senator Sinodinos: This was while Mr Abbott was opposition leader?
Senator LUDLAM: Yes, that is right.
Senator Sinodinos: I cannot recall. Are you sure it was not something in Battlelines or something like that?
Senator LUDLAM: No, it is very recent. It is within the last few months.
CHAIR: What was the context?
Senator LUDLAM: I am trying to establish whether or not it is official government policy that roads are part of your mental health platform.
Senator Sinodinos: We will find where the quote came from.
Senator LUDLAM: All right. Could you provide me with an expression of whether that is policy now.
Senator Sinodinos: It is an ongoing debate.

In January 2013 the Prime Minister (then Opposition Leader), while pledging support for the Gateway Motorway extension in northern Brisbane, noted that better roads, where traffic is able to flow more efficiently, can benefit the environment and community as well as the economy. The Government is committed to investing in infrastructure, including roads, to drive improved productivity and facilitate economic growth. Where these investments reduce congestion, both individuals, the community and the natural environment can benefit from reduced travel times and reduced vehicle emissions.

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