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Another baby born into indefinite detention

A young mother named Ranjini who is facing indefinite detention in Australia has given birth to her third child; another innocent new-born who will be detained despite having committed no crime.

“What should be a joyous time for Ranjini and her family is no doubt tinged with despair as she knows her children face unreasonable and lengthy detention,” the Greens immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Ranjini has been held in the Villawood Detention Centre after being thrown into a legal black hole when she arrived in Australia and now, because of this government’s inhumane policies, her innocent children have been too.

“The government needs to end this cruel regime of indefinite detention.

“Because of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott’s race to the bottom there are people, including children, all over Australia who are being detained indefinitely.

“As a caring and compassionate nation, Australia should not turn its back on vulnerable refugees and the government should choose to save billions of tax payer dollars by closing its offshore detention centres.

“It is never appropriate to lock up children in immigration detention, let alone indefinitely, arbitrarily and in island prisons, and the current immigration mess needs to be fixed.”

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