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Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg must explain their actions

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 21 Jun 2019

It is very disappointing, but hardly surprising, to hear yet again that Coalition Ministers are more interested in profits for themselves and their mates than the people they are elected to represent, Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale said.

"It is appalling to consider that Angus Taylor would use his privileged position to approach Departmental staff and Government Ministers about an issue that directly affects his business interests," Di Natale said.

"These new reports highlight that Coalitions MPs think it’s ok to change the rules when they don’t suit them and to put their business interests ahead of the community they were elected to work for. The Greens will not let them get away with it. 

"We will be ensuring that Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg explain their actions to the Parliament when it resumes next month. 

"This whole episode demonstrates again how urgently we need a federal ICAC that can investigate these sorts of behaviours that undermine faith in democracy," he said.

“This Government is selling out the environment for the sake of their mates’ profits. These latest allegations are exactly why we need a federal ICAC,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“This isn’t the first time Angus Taylor’s business affairs and political links have been called into question. This latest scandal involving Angus Taylor and Josh Frydenberg smells fishy and must be probed. The full, unredacted documents and correspondence must be released."

“We are in the midst of an extinction crisis and a climate catastrophe with a government that has tried to change the rules and cover up their self-dealing. This is a government that sees the environment as something to be exploited for the profit of a few, rather than taken care of for the benefit of all Australians."

“Scott Morrison has shown contempt for the Australian people by promoting politicians who appear more interested in helping out their mates than doing their jobs. The Greens will continue to fight this government and hold these dodgy ministers to account.”

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