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Anglicare rental affordability survey shows action needed for Illawarra region

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 30 Apr 2018

MEDIA RELEASE - 30 April 2018

Anglicare rental affordability survey shows action needed for Illawarra region

The Anglicare Australia Rental Affordability Snapshot has found there were no properties surveyed in the whole Illawarra region affordable for a single person on Newstart or Youth Allowance, even in a share house. For a couple on the minimum wage with two young children and associated tax benefits and the parenting payment, only 4% of surveyed properties were affordable. For a couple on a pension, it was only 3%.

The Greens are working to build more social housing and strengthen renters’ rights, commented Australian Greens spokesperson for Housing, Senator Lee Rhiannon, and Greens NSW spokesperson for Housing, Jenny Leong MP.

Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “It’s time to fundamentally shift Australia’s housing away from a for-profit system towards recognising housing as human right and providing homes for all.

“The Greens plan for a Federal Housing Trust would build 500,000 social homes which will guarantee affordability by charging rent as a proportion of income.

“With only 6% of rental properties being affordable to people on income support payments nationwide, it’s clear that we need to fund and build a bigger social housing program,” said Senator Rhiannon.

Jenny Leong MP said, “We also need to strengthen rights for renters in the private market.

“The Greens are working to end ‘no grounds’ evictions to give renters more security. We’ll also put a cap on the amount and frequency of rent rises to ensure renters aren’t exploited for excessive profit.

“There is a big opportunity now in the NSW parliament to end these injustices and give all renters some dignity and security in their homes,” said Jenny Leong.

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