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Anglesea coal shutdown good for humanity & community health

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 12 May 2015

Australian Greens Leader and Victorian Senator Richard Di Natale has congratulated the community groups that have been campaigning to shut down the Anglesea coal mine and power station, on their big win today.

“The closure of this polluting operation is a big win for the local community and for the safe climate we all rely on,” said Senator Di Natale.

“We’re talking about school children, local residents and businesses who will now have a cleaner and healthier future with less asthma, less heart disease, and fewer cancers.

“The workers who have learned they are losing their jobs today deserved better, because everyone could see this coming.

“Why didn’t the government have a plan to help workers transition to industries that are on the rise, like renewable energy?

“The disaster of Labor and Liberal combining to cut the Renewable Energy Target has just been thrown into sharp relief.

“With Anglesea down, Hazelwood will be next and the Greens are standing here with a plan to make sure workers aren’t left high and dry.

“We’re ready to help people take advantage of all the jobs to be had in decommissioning power plants, rehabilitating mine sites and accelerating large-scale renewable energy projects.

“Today’s federal budget will be a complete failure unless it addresses the fact that the coal age is over and workers need our help.”



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