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AEMO report shows only ‘6 coal-fired power stations’ will be left: Bandt

Media Release
GreensMPs 17 Jul 2018

Despite government spin, the electricity market operator’s plan released today shows a future with almost no coal-fired power is coming, Greens climate and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP said today.

The supporting data behind the Integrated System Plan, released by the Australian Energy Market Operator today, shows that the National Energy Market could be almost 85% renewable by 2040, with only 7.25 GW of coal power – the equivalent of about 6 large-scale plants – left in Australia by 2040.

Coal would be only 6% of the country’s installed generating capacity by 2040, down from the current 40%.

“The government wants to spin this coal’s way, but once again AEMO has shown that the future is cheap, clean renewable energy”, Mr Bandt said.

“The ‘fast change’  scenario outlined in the report envisages the equivalent of only 6 coal plants still operating by 2040. There would be the equivalent of 1 large plant left in NSW, 2 in Victoria and 3 in Queensland.”

“AEMO confirms coal would drop to only 6% of the country’s installed generation in 2040, down from 40% now.

“The report shows it is possible to close down almost all coal and get as high as 85% renewables.”

“AEMO confirms that it is feasible to adopt the ‘fast-change’ scenario it has modelled.”

“The ‘fast change’ AEMO modelling isn’t as ambitious as the climate science requires, but it’s a good start. It proves that by bringing on new wind and solar, supported by storage and demand management, we can replace coal with clean energy much more quickly than the government is spinning.”

“The report also highlights the need for investment in our upgrading our power grid, including renewable energy zones and greater interconnection between states. This government must now back the Greens’ policy for government investment in new interconnection.”

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