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Action on climate change, not prayer the answer for drought

The Australian Greens have called on the Federal Government to take meaningful action on climate change to combat the long term threat that drought poses to Australia's agricultural sector.

"Support for farmers and growers facing drought is very important, but it is not a long term solution," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens agriculture spokesperson said today.

"More extreme droughts as a result of global warming aren't a one-off problem. The future of farming families depends on addressing the changing climate as part of our response to drought.

"The Greens understand that at the same time as supporting those people and communities facing drought today, we need to prepare for the future, but the Government continues to fail in this regard.

"Drought, severe weather events and biosecurity threats are all increasing and all have the capacity to significantly impact our agriculture sector, rural and regional communities and food security.

"Minister Barnaby Joyce today said that ‘we'll say a prayer to the dear Lord that the drought finishes'- whatever your faith, praying will not solve climate change.

"It is wrong for the government to imply that droughts cannot be planned for, or that we aren't going to see longer and harder droughts. The Greens are proposing a stronger and permanent disaster resilience fund that would help farmers plan and prepare for drought.

"We need carbon pricing, clean energy investment, strong biosecurity and investment in agricultural R&D to support farmers and Australia's regional communities" Senator Siewert concluded.

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