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ABC will continue to lose out under Liberals

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 3 Apr 2019

Scott Morrison’s pre-election budget has confirmed cuts to the ABC will continue under the Liberals, the Greens say.


“This is a government that has undermined the integrity of the ABC again and again and now, in this budget, they’ve locked in further cuts. The ABC needs a boost in funding, and under this government it continues to lose out,” Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“This was an opportunity to ensure our ABC was well-resourced, by increasing funding and setting five-year funding cycles. Instead, the Liberals want to cut funding and 50 more jobs.


“This comes on the back of almost $340 million in funding cuts, pointless reviews that undermine the ABC’s independence and instances of political interference.


“Even the Labor Party won’t return the Liberal Party’s full cuts to the ABC. The only way to strengthen the ABC, to restore its funding and give our beloved public broadcaster stability and certainty, is to have Greens fighting for it in the Senate.


“The ABC is overwhelmingly Australia’s most trusted news source. It provides a vital service across the country, it is where we turn when there is a disaster, emergency or bushfire. To do its job as the public expects, to continue producing the new Australians trust and the stories we love, the ABC must be well-funded.”

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