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Abbott will kill clean energy investment: Greens

Media Release
Christine Milne 19 Aug 2013

"Tony Abbott has cast huge uncertainty over the whole renewable energy industry and if he gets control of both houses of Parliament he will kill clean energy investment in its tracks," Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"People have a clear choice they can vote for the Greens and a renewable energy future or they can vote for Tony Abbott and the ongoing support of coal fired generation and gas.

"Renewable and clean energy businesses need to get focused because they are kidding themselves if they think they can change Tony Abbott's mind after the election - it will not happen. He is ideologically opposed to acting on climate change.

"Now is the time to come out and strongly campaign for the Greens to maintain balance of power in the Senate to stop Abbott from undermining the renewable energy target and ditching the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

"He will kill those industries make no mistake. And no one will be able to say after the election that they didn't know it was coming. Now is the time to make the right choice and vote for the Greens."

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