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Abbott gun plan not enough for safer streets

Media Release
Penny Wright 19 Aug 2013

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's anti-guns policy will not do enough to get guns off Australian streets, Australian Greens legal affairs spokesperson Senator Penny Wright said today.

"The Coalition's plan is insufficient - tougher sentencing will not work on its own," Senator Wright said.

"The Australian Greens have a much more comprehensive plan which would ban the importation, ownership and use of semi-automatic handguns and includes a 12-month amnesty and buy-back scheme.

"While certainly some handguns are being illegally imported, many are stolen from legitimate sources within Australia, so we need to be addressing this from every angle.

"The Australian Greens have long advocated for stronger regulation of legal firearms including uniform eligibility requirements based on a genuine need, consistent age requirements and strengthened storage requirements across the nation.

Senator Penny Wright also said mandatory minimum sentencing had been shown to be ineffective in creating safer communities.

"Tackling gun crime requires a multi-faceted approach, not tough-on-crime electioneering," Senator Wright added.

Read more about the Australian Greens handgun policy here.

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