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Abbott government turns its back on Tarkine values

Media Release
Christine Milne 14 Nov 2013

The Abbott government has turned its back on saving the Tassie devil with proposed changes to federal environmental law announced today, Greens Leader Christine Milne said today.

"Federal law requires the Environment Minister to consider advice about how to protect threatened plants and animals when deciding to approve projects," Senator Milne said.

"Under these changes the minister would be able to approve mines in the Tarkine, and other areas of the state, without considering a key piece of expert advice on what the devil and other threatened species need to survive.

"What is the point of having an Environment Minister if he's required to listen to advice about protecting our environment but it's not required to make a decision?" Senator Milne asked.

The government has announced it wants to change the law in response to the recent court decision which found that approval for a mine in the Tarkine was not valid because the minister did not consider the conservation advice. The changes would be retrospective so past decisions could not be challenged.


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